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A new way to buy Broadway tickets online


We all know that there are LOTS of ways to buy Broadway tickets (and it’s easy to be skeptical of the new kid on the block), but we recently tested out a new (to us and to Broadway) tickets website called ScoreBig that offers a bit of a different approach to the Broadway ticket-buying process.

It’s almost like an online version of the TKTS booth, where discounted tickets are made available to people hoping to see a show for less.  The twist with ScoreBig is that you have the opportunity to make an offer on tickets and get them for an even lower price.  The other twist with ScoreBig is that the seat selection process is streamlined – instead of looking up actual open seats, ScoreBig outlines different seating areas with similar views and prices (in a theatre there may be 6 or 7 seating areas to choose from).  The guarantee with the seats is that your tickets will “always be together – which means in a row, one next to the other, without any strangers seated in between”.

So…how did ScoreBig do when we tested the system out? Pretty well overall!

The process on the website was easy – we found the show we wanted to see (in this case the hilarious A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder), picked a seating area we liked (and yes, our two seats ended up being right next to each other), and then started making offers.  To really test the system, we started with some low-ball offers, and that’s where the first complication popped up.  You input the amount you’re willing to spend per ticket, and ScoreBig instantly reviews to see if that will work – if your offer is rejected after three attempts, you’ve got to wait 24 hours before making another offer on tickets in that seating area.  They’re clear about the policy, so it’s no surprise (and there’s even a cool colored bar that instantly shows how likely your offer is to be accepted), it just means you’ll want to make serious offers to save the most time.

Where we see this being especially useful is for people who have a specific amount of money set aside to see a Broadway show.  There are no fees or extra charges with ScoreBig, so feel free to make an offer all the way up to the top of your budget.  Having the option to make an offer lets you find your tickets fast and skip the search through all the different sections.

The only other complication we experienced with ScoreBig was the actual acquisition of the tickets.  For us, there was an option to have the tickets waiting at Will Call or to download them for printing at home.  We chose to download and didn’t receive the link to do so until a couple days after purchase.  We assume that logistics were being worked out and seats were being secured behind the scenes during those two days, but it made us a little nervous (because the performance date was coming up soon).  In the end, we got the tickets just fine.  Our recommendation is to give ScoreBig a try if you’ve got at least a few days or maybe even a week before your show…otherwise maybe visit the TKTS booth instead.

Based on our test experience, we would use ScoreBig again.  Like we said before, it’s kind of like buying TKTS discount tickets online (and avoiding that sometimes absurdly long line).  It could be really helpful for people planning a trip to the city or looking for tickets on a specific date or just looking for the cheapest possible tickets!  Give it a try yourself and let us know what you think.  It’s certainly easy to use and offers some cool advantages that you might not find from other Broadway ticket sellers.

The Broadway Musical Home received a discount coupon code for ScoreBig but was not paid to endorse ScoreBig services and/or offerings in any way.

Product Review: The Kinky Boots Original Broadway Cast Album

kinky boots

The original cast album for Kinky Boots is out and we are in love.

As you’ll recall from the show’s reviews, the British accents may not be superb, but the heart behind this is so big and the performances so thrilling, you quickly don’t care. If you haven’t already seen the show, we won’t give away anything, but we will tell you that Lauper’s signature stylings shine brightly through every song. It’s Full Monty meets Rent meets meets Xanadu meets American Idiot meets Strictly Ballroom, and though sometimes silly, oh boy is it fun.

WARNING: Don’t listen to this album anywhere where you can’t dance along (with or without heels). Though it sometimes feels a bit 80s (or maybe because it does), you start by smiling, progress quickly into swaying and pretty soon are dancing all over the living room…

You’ll want this one to be part of your collection, so just let me hear you say yeah, yeah and order your own copy on here.

KinkyBoots_final cover

Track List:

1. “Price & Son Theme”/”The Most Beautiful Thing in the World”
2. “Take What You Got”
3. “The Land of Lola”
4. “Charlie’s Soliloquy”
5. “Step One”
6. “Sex Is In The Heel”
7. “The History of Wrong Guys”
8. “I’m Not My Father’s Son”
9. “Everybody Say Yeah”
10. “What A Woman Wants”
11. “In This Corner”
12. “Charlie’s Soliloquy Reprise”
13. “The Soul of a Man”
14. “Hold Me in Your Heart”
15. “Raise You Up”/”Just Be”

Composer and Lyricist: Cyndi Lauper
Harvey Fierstein
Director and Choreographer: Jerry Mitchell

Featuring the talents of Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Sherman, Marcus Neville, Paul Canaan, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Kyle Taylor Parker, Kyle Post, Charlie Sutton, Joey Taranto, Andy Kelso, Tory Ross, Jen Perry, Josh Caggiano, Adinah Alexander, Eric Anderson, Eugene Barry-Hill, Stephen Berger, Caroline Bowman, Sandra Denise, Eric Leviton, Ellyn Marie Marsh, John Jeffrey Martin, Marquise Neal, Clifton Oliver, Nathan Peck, Robert Pendilla, Lucia Spina, Sebastian Hedges Thomas, John Ernest Adams

Find out more about the show!

The Broadway Musical Home received a complementary copy of this CD, but was not paid to endorse this product in any way.

Product Review: Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection Musicals

My new year’s resolution this year was to attempt to see all of the movie musicals in the canon – a difficult goal, to be sure, but what good are resolutions if they are easy to achieve!?

Luckily, Warner Brothers just released a 20 film collection that’s helped me check a bunch of the big ones off the list, including a number of classics I’d only ever seen clips of before.


The set contains:

  • The Jazz Singer (1927)
  • Broadway Melody of 1929 (1929(
  • 42nd Street (1933)
  • The Great Ziegfeld (1936)
  • Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)
  • An American In Paris (1951)
  • Show Boat (1951)
  • Singin In The Rain (1952)
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
  • A Star Is Born (1954)
  • The Music Man (1962)
  • Viva Las Vegas (1964)
  • Camelot (1967)
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
  • Cabaret (1972)
  • That’s Entertainment (1974)
  • Victor, Victoria (1982)
  • Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
  • Hairspray (1988)

Though I consider a couple of the additions to this set questionable, like Hairspray, which is hardly a musical in its original film version and That’s Entertainment, which is not a musical, but rather a compilation of musical theatre clips and interviews, there are tons of great films in the package – The Wizard of Oz, Show Boat, Singin’ In the Rain, The Music Man and Cabaret – shows ANY fan would affirm are staples in the musical film canon. Probably my biggest disappointment was seeing Viva Las Vegas, as I hadn’t thought to include the 30 films Elvis starred in as musicals, though they most surely are…

As for the box set, the packaging is great. Unlike many of the sets I own, each of the movies is well protected in its own slot, divided into three separate casings.

The disks themselves seem to be exactly those you would receive if you purchased each film separately. If you’re a bonus feature kind of person, you’ll probably be disappointed, but if you’re just looking to see the films and add them to your collection – this set it a real treat.

The booklet contained in the package isn’t much to write about – quick paragraph descriptions that you’ll glance at once and then never pull out again, but it does have lovely stills from each film and does note which awards, if any, the film won. (I forget how popular musicals were back in the day – maybe Les Miserables will take home all sorts of Academy Awards on Sunday and bring us back to those glorious days!)

You can purchase the box set on Amazon here for $70.83 at the time of this writing, which works out to each film costing $3.50 a piece – not too shabby!

The bottom line review: Nothing too fancy and nothing you won’t find anywhere else, but nonetheless a great collection of films worth owning, packaged well and at a reasonable price.

The Broadway Musical Home received a complementary copy of this box set, but was not paid to endorse this product in any way.


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