Production on Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark has Been Suspended, Possibly Indefinitely

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No doubt you’ve seen all the rumors circulating about Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark‘s huge budget (which some are now quoting at a staggering $45 million) and the various financial hiccups it’s run into as of late.

Until the other day, everyone associated with the production had been denying any truth in money problems, so I had chosen to not cover any of the unfavorable gossip on the blog here; but that is no longer the case. Hello Entertainment, one of the show’s producers, released a statement confirming that “due to an unexpected cash-flow problem,” the show “has been forced to suspend its activities,” but that they still plan to start previews for the show in February.

The New York Post is reporting that the crew building the set were put on “hiatus” and the actors released from their contracts (read the article here).

With such a high price tag, it’s not difficult to imagine how the production may have run into some “cash-flow problems,” but many have been predicting that the show will sell extremely well if the current buzz keeps up until opening.

What do you think? Is there any hope left for the show? Or is it doomed?

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