Is anyone out there working on a Michael Jackson show for Broadway?

I have no Broadway connections (sadly) and get messages from people all the time who hope I do. These have varied from Julie Andrews autograph requests, to resumes/headshots/reels or pleas that I help get someone’s show produced on Broadway. I usually just write back a polite email wishing them the best of luck and lamenting the fact that I’m a nobody just like them.

Today I got an adorable email from an 11 year old named Spencer, and just feel horrible that I have to write back saying I can’t do a thing for him, so I thought, why not put it on the blog? Maybe some big shot working on a show will run across it on the interweb and Spencer’s dream can come true.

So without further ado, here’s the email. (If you’re someone working on the show email me and I’ll get you Spencer’s address.)

Dear to whom it may concern, my name is spencer and i am 11 years old. I am a big fan of broadway and movies and music and i was surfing the web yesterday when i came across that michael jackson’s thriller was supposed to be on broadway early january. Since I am somewhat of a big fan of michael jackson I just wanted to share some of my ideas:

Michael Jackson meets a girl and perhaps to flirt with her he sings “the way you make me feel” and then she leaves him in a few weeks and he sings “billie jean” (the name of the girl can perhaps even be, Billie Jean)  and then perhaps he meets another girl named anne and falls in love and sings smooth criminal. Then he realized he wants billie jean back and he goes on falls in love with billie and they live happily and then one day they come out of a film and michael explains that he is not like other guys and then he turns into a “monster” and sings the 1# hit, THRILLER!!!! let me know what you think and i look forward to hearing from you!

love, spencer

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