Win a pair of tickets to see Memphis on Broadway!

Win a pair of tickets to see Memphis on Broadway on Friday, October 2 and write us a review of the show for the blog!

To enter to win, just comment below, tweet @broadwaymusical or email why you want to see the show!

Please note: I reserve the right
to make edits to the winner's 
review. Winner will be chosen
using and will be
announced on Monday, September 
28 on the blog,,
Twitter and Facebook.

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8 thoughts on “Win a pair of tickets to see Memphis on Broadway!

  1. I love seeing broadway shows. Its becoming a slowly growing love of mine. I would love this chance to see Memphis because it deals with such a controversial issue of segregation and what brings people together, love. Irony at its best. It’s just the emotion and passion that comes through songs in musicals, its so strong that it gives me chills. I would gladly review it for your blog. c:


  2. I love Broadway…even though I have to travel from South Texas to see it! Memphis sounds like such a fun show. I would like to see the show because Memphis is such a special place for me…when I was about 12 years old I saw Elvis in downtown Memphis driving his own limosine. My parents were at a red light at about 4 a.m. looking at the map and right next to us was Elvis! He looked over and smiled and then hit the gas and ran that red light!
    Even if the show is nothing about Elvis, I have a connection with that city and would like to see the show and write a review for you!


  3. I’m interested in the music to be honest. That’s what’s grabbing my interest. My music blog covers all genres of music and it would be neat to see this and be able to review it. Additionally, I love the theatre and don’t get a chance to see many shows being so far from New York City.


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