A massive Twitter #followfriday from @broadwaymusical

Because @broadwaymusical has almost 3,800 followers on Twitter, I’ve found that I really can’t follow everyone’s tweets unless I’m watching the stream 24-7, so I’ve set up some keyword notifications, keep close tabs on my @replies and DMs and watch a group of folks whose tweets are always relevant and worth reading – this is that group.

As you can see, it would take many more than 140 characters to share them all, so I’ve decided to present this #followfriday via the blog:


To all of you – thanks for keeping me on my toes, singing, smiling, laughing and informed about all that’s going on on- and off-stage in the land of Broadway musical theater!

(If there’s someone not on this list that you think should be, please please please leave the handle in the notes and I’ll be sure to add them to the group and start following!)

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