6 Comments on A sneak peak of some music from Andrew Llyod Webber’s Phantom of the Opera sequel, Love Never Dies

  1. Terrible, awful, miserable, in every way.


  2. Oh My God. This just makes me ten times more excited for this musical to release in the US! it gave me chills. c:


  3. well that was soulless and uninspired.


  4. Some people don’t care for Sir Andrew. I do. I loved Phantom, so I am looking forward to the sequel. This song is magical musically and a tad light lyrically, but not enough to turn me away. I’m juiced…can’t wait tp see it.


  5. This makes the Phantom sound so…not Phantomy (I know that’s not a word but still). His love isn’t real love, it’s obsession with Christine (until the very end when he lets her go does he show any sign of real love). Remember people, he is the antagonist, not the protagonist. This Phantom sounds like he just writes love sonnets all day, not the obsessed (but totally AWESOME) Phantom that we know and love!


  6. Well this was just spectacular … you sense his love/obsession with Christine . . . you feel his pain … you show that he never got over her so although it may appear to many as an obsession .. could it be love? I think the truth will be shown in this sequel. I was very moved by this clip and am now even more excited to see this. Brava!


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