Smokey Joe’s Cafe Ticket Giveaway!

Win a pair of tickets to see Smokey Joe’s Café at The Papermill Playhouse. To enter, simply leave a comment below stating why you love musical theater.

The winner will be chosen using on Friday, April 23. Be sure to include your email address below so we can contact you if you’ve won.

Smokey Joe’s Café is licensed through R&H Theatricals. To put on a production of Smokey Joe’s Café visit

AND THE WINNER IS … Samantha Coleman!

Not you? Never fear! We’ve got another exciting ticket giveaway coming soon and our Phantom of the Opera CD Giveaway runs through June 1.

17 thoughts on “Smokey Joe’s Cafe Ticket Giveaway!

  1. I love musical theater because I have always felt that feelings are best expressed through song and dance. And feelings, statements, messages, and opinions are most powerfully conveyed through song and dance. Musicals tell stories and have messages that can be beautiful, political, and maybe a little cheesy. But they are clearly conveyed because of the song and dance that the musical is based around.


  2. Love musical theatre because it is a way for me to escape my own reality and get into the life that is playing out on the stage in front of me


  3. I love musical theater because it has helped me to be a complete person. I am able to express myself through music and show tunes are my passion. I am teaching my 5 year old triplets how wonderful this music is and they can’t get enough of it. Sharing it with my husband and my boys has been a real joy in my life.


  4. I love musical theater because it is such a great escape! Having had the opporunity to perform in high school and college, and now to attend performances as an adult, I can say it is a great experience from either side of the curtain!


  5. Musical Theater is and always has been an escape for me, whether acting or watching. Where else can you get thrill of live emotional journeys that suspend reality, at least for a little while.


  6. I love musicals because you can just be walking down the street any regular old day and step inside a theatre and bam- totally different world than you just left outside. they let you in and take you over and stay with you longer than movies so when you go back to that street you came from, its not the same one you walked on just 2 hours before. you get to keep going with the story and thoughts and songs they gave you. the performers are so in control up there, and in a totally non science fiction sketchy way transference goes on between the show and the audience. you’re a little more powerful when you leave.


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