GIVEAWAY: The 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray Film Version of Cabaret


It’s giveaway time once again and this time we’ve got a copy of the new 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray of Cabaret to give away (if you missed it, check out our review of the Blu-Ray here).

How to Enter

In honor of the upcoming Oscars (and the incredible 8 awards this film won at the 1972 Academy Awards), comment with who you think most deserving of an Oscar for their work on the film. Bob Fosse? Liza Minnelli? Joel Grey? Michael York? The cinematography? The art directors? The makeup designers? Should it have beat out The Godfather for Best Picture?

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

UPDATE 1-20-13

Congratulations to Gaby, the winner of the 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray Version of Cabaret!

If you aren’t Gaby but still want a copy of the Blu-Ray, you can purchase it from Amazon now!

Thanks again to everyone who entered. We’ll have another contest coming up on the blog soon, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to to subscribe via email or RSS to ensure you don’t miss the next contest.

The winner was chosen at random from all comments using a random number generated by on February 20th at 5 pm EST.

The Broadway Musical Home was furnished with a complementary copy of this Blu-Ray for this contest, but was not paid to endorse this product in any way.

13 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: The 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray Film Version of Cabaret

  1. Minnelli and Grey both deserved their Oscars; they were terrific; but I do think that ‘The Godfather’ was the better picture and that it was right that it took the top prize. I also think (seems disloyal somehow because I love this film – but it’s an apples and oranges contest) that Coppola should have gotten Best Director over Fosse.


  2. I think that Minnelli and Grey certainly deserved their honors at the Oscars that year. It seems disloyal somehow because I love this film (it’s an apples and oranges contest anyway), but I think that it was right that ‘The Godfather’ took Best Picture that year and in fact I think that Coppola should have won over Fosse in the Best Director contest.

    annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  3. I feel that all the recipients richly deserved their Oscars for this wonderful film. If I must choose only one, I suppose it would have to be Bob Fosse. As director (and choreographer) it was his artistic vision that brought everything so beautifully to the screen.


  4. I’m tired of people criticizing Liza’s performance. The movie is very different from the show, and she gave us a different Sally to match up. She definitely earned that Oscar.


  5. Bob Fosse deserved a special Oscar for choreography. His work has influenced subsequent generations and he left a huge mark on the arts world.


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